I Have Been Remiss

People I know are openly mocking my lack of posting here, and who am I to disagree? It hardly matters what I write here anyway, since no one (starting with Barbara Davilman) reads it.

Anyway: Ann Coulter.

What drives all decent, sane, reasonable people krazee about her is not what she says, but that she “gets away with it.” I feel the same way. But what (now that I mention it) would it mean if she were NOT to get away with it? It would mean she would be punished, in some way, for being the human form of one of those industrial effluent pipes you see in ecological-nightmare documentaries–“Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, this pipe pours 2.3 gallons of sludge per second into the Shaggadelik River. Silverbods, mumpies, grumpfish, and chasetails, once abundant in its sparkling waters, are now all but extinct,” etc.

It’s the impunity that rankles so, don’t you know. Everyone tries to encase Coulter’s toxicity in lead-lined nouns (“She’s actually a comedian,” “She’s really a performance artist,” “She’s more a shock jock than an actual commentator.”), but as long as power tools like Matt Lauer twinkle at her and call her visit “fun,” we’re stuck with it.

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2 Comments on “I Have Been Remiss”

  1. Barbara Davilman Says:


    I’m at the airport about to get on a flight home. Sorry I don’t have time to read your post today – things have been very busy in North Carolina. I had a fabulous time with the Oy Oys and there’s lots of stuff we want to implement for RRUS.

    Did I tell you I’m now the treasurer?

    The only thing I loved about NC was the land. Lots and lots of land. Which is good if we have lots and lots of Ridgebacks.

    But Charlotte is a nightmare. I’d like to know whose idea it was to build a major international city with a two lane highway.

    Can we blame this on the Repubs?

    Anyway, I hear Winston-Salem and Asheville are great. Maybe next time. I was so traumatized by how long it took us to get from the airport to the burbs I couldn’t even THINK about getting in a car again.

    See you soon!

    Your Wife

  2. Belva McKann Says:

    Wha–? Was that a comment?

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