The Kaka of a Conservative

Why are conservatives such big babies?

What are conservatives saying these days in response to criticism from the left? How do they characterize their opponents? “Liberals hate America.” “They’re full of hate.” “They hate the troops.”

These are the replies of an angry six year old. “You just won’t let me stay up and watch that new sex show on HBO because you hate me!”

I would have expected more from…well, not so fast, I. At this point this is about exactly what I would, and do, expect.

Conservatives–or, rather, the corporatist/authoritarian nitwits that comprise the only cadre of “conservatives” left, the real ones having long since backed out of the Bush debacle and taken to studiously looking the other way–have been proven, in a recent scientific study, to be idiots. Is that too harsh? Oh all right. Not “idiots.” But children: unhappy with ambiguity, made grouchy when the real world fails to conform to their fantasies, and absolutist in their “values.”

They need The Group. They need the vicarious feelings of strength, security, and rightness they get from belonging to it. Sometimes The Group = Christianity, and sometimes The Group = Patriots. At the fringe, The Group = white people.

But in the end they all serve the same purpose: to reassure the membership that their fantasies about the world are correct and true, that those who challenge those fantasies are inherently bad or evil, and that membership in The Group bestows value and wonderfulness upon them that those not in T.G. lack.

This was probably a great idea in the Middle Paleolithic, but it’s a total drag today, IMHO.

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One Comment on “The Kaka of a Conservative”

  1. Barbara Davilman Says:


    I didn’t have time to read your blog today but did you see that David Brooks is practically BEGGING you to finish him off? Did you see his column about IQ?

    After you take the stuff to the p.o. today could you please eviscerate him?


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