Finally, some good news

From Yahoo News, this cheering item:

If you’re thinking, “I wonder if this is about a woman who, having had a pencil embedded in her head for fifty-five years, has finally had it removed,” the answer is yes, it is.

Why are stories like this always about Germans? And even if they aren’t, why does it seem like they are?

Naturally, we rejoice for and with this woman, the recipient of what may be the world’s first successful cranio-pencillectomy. But even as we exult, certain questions force themselves upon us, including:

–Will she still feel it there, as an example of the so-called “Phantom Pencil” effect?

–Will she miss it as an all-purpose excuse? “Sorry I’m late, but I told you, I couldn’t find a cab. Look, I have a pencil in my head, okay?”

–Will the surgical team give it to her? Will she get to actually use it?

There are others, surely, but this is enough for now.

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