Saucy Feedback

In a fit of selfless honesty, and to honor the vow I made below, I indeed sent the spam email from Danielle Crittenden advertising her hideous book back to her–with a cut-and-paste of Sauce for the Ganders, also below! How’s that for speaking truth to power? Or at least, speaking truth to silliness?

Well, not for nothing is she the authoress of a “popular feature for the Huffington Post.” Here, reprinted in its entirety, is her reply:

Thank you for alerting me to this! I think, however, your name is misspelled. It should be: Whiner.

All best,

Danielle Crittenden

Ouch, “oh snap,” etc.

Trust a Republican to answer specific criticism with name-calling–that impugns my manhood, too! That’s your assurance of the real item. Accept no substitute.

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