Sauce for the Ganders

I’m saying this here because they won’t let me say it on Huff Post (and then cross-post it here):

Can’t Danielle Crittenden shut up? Please? With her perky, unreadable “imaginary IM’s” between Bush and others? Reading even four lines of which is like trying to remove bits of broken glass from your naked, bleeding foot.

Does it help to know that she’s married to the vile David Frum, apologist supreme (and former speechwriter) for the Preznit, author of The Right Man (or whatever his Bush hagiography is), and all-around right-wing “dick head”? Yes, it does.

It explains a lot about the tediously “mischievous” form and content of Crittenden’s Huff posts. This, we realize, is how a Republican writes for a liberal site: by poking good-natured, “irreverent” fun at figures from *both* sides of the political divide. By saucily tweaking and tweakily saucing. By treating Bush as a sit-com dad–and then giving Bill Clinton a taste of the same.

The disingenuousness of it all becomes so massive, so superheated, it undergoes a phase shift into outright dishonesty. Yeah, I know–a Republican blogger, wife of a Republican propagandist, acting dishonestly. I’m as shocked as you are.

Meanwhile, I just got an email advertising an entire book of these things. Which I intend to return to sender with a sternly-worded rebuke, I can assure you.

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